Today I have been reading up about blogs, and taken some sound advice.  

The first is from a blogger that my friend Jenny recommended today – – she says – and I quote from her (I do hope you don’t mind!) – “ I’d encourage anyone to blog. It is a fantastic way of making friends, both online and in real life. My world has become richer, brighter and much more fun because people like you read, comment – and maybe have your own blogs or are thinking of setting one up. Do it! I promise, you’ll never look back…”

Such wonderful words of advice – they have spurred me on, thank you.  Please read her blog, I loved reading it!

The second is about comments.  You have no idea how scary it can be imagining what comments may emerge.   Some people may hate what I write and may criticise me for my photography or my words.  But some wise bloggers have said that certain comments are like seagulls – they dive in, shit on you, and then dive out – so just ignore those!    I haven’t had any seagulls visit yet, but when they do I will remember that advice and maybe I won’t be so scared.

Apart from advice I’ve read, I thought you may like to see a bit about what I am up to.   I did consider taking everything out of my work baskets (yes, I have more than one, in fact I dare not confess just how many I have!) place it in the middle of the floor and photograph it.  But I know if I tried this I would miss a basket….or 2…or 3………!  So instead I just pulled out things that are most active and took a photograph.   This includes things I am making for myself and some designs I am working on, but it is a small sample of what is on my hooks and needles, and in my head.   I do wish I had a few more pairs of hands to help my ideas materialise.   If you want to ask about things in this photograph, just leave a comment.


Happy knitting and crocheting


4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Sewingjen

    Glad you enjoyed Didyoumakethat blog, she has sound advice, and it sometimes makes you smile. Keep up the good work!

  2. karibu57

    Good to see you today and I think the advice you were given is very true. I already love reading your blog and can’t wait for the next instalment.
    Hugs, Heike xx

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