The joy of knitgroup

I consider myself to be privileged and lucky to be a member of a fabulous knitgroup called Knitsford.  I could write pages on how fabulous it is! 

Although called a knitgroup, it is for any craft – we have knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, embroiderers and sewers who attend regularly, and many are multi-crafters.  They are a wonderful group of people and we have a laugh, share experiences, help each other with any knit/crochet/sewing problems, give each other moral support and generally just have a great time over a coffee, sometimes cake, sometimes bacon butties and sometimes lunch, depending on the time of day. 

We meet in 3 venues on different days/times of the week – a pub, a bar/restaurant and a garden centre café, and people come when they like.  Anything from 4 to 24 people can attend any of them.

Today we were at the garden centre, and I found myself swapping stitch markers, showing the delights of Ravelry, sharing ways of joining crochet motifs, doing a ‘show and tell’ on some recent completed projects such as this:


And this:


Yes, only sneaky previews as these are a couple of designs that I plan on publishing (you must be patient!).

I also shared progress on bohemian rhapsody, found out who is coming on our coach trip to Yarndale in September and I worked out how to do a pretty crochet flower for Maxie, who is visiting from South Africa.  

There was an abundance of laughter today and I came away refreshed!

So tell me are you a member of a knitgroup? And, if so, what do you enjoy the most about it?

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