The Wonderwool Express…………

One of the things I love about Ravelry is the seeing comments on projects that have used my designs.   I spotted one today and I am sharing it here (with the permission of the writer – Lindsey)

“……………….. love this pattern and this yarn! I’m new to crochet and this is only my second scarf. The pattern is well written and the first time I’ve followed a chart. Very happy with end result and would use this pattern again. Think this one will be a Christmas pressie for someone!”

Thank you Lindsey for your lovely words.

The pattern she was talking about is Wonderwool Express – this is it in double knit: DSCF2758

I find her comments very heartening because the proceeds from this pattern go to charity.   I know people who are thinking of buying patterns on Ravelry have a look to see who else may have used them, and if they see positive remarks then maybe they will be encouraged to buy the pattern as a result.  So her lovely words may well help the charity. 

What is the charity?  Well there is a bit of a story so please bear with me……..

Originally this pattern was written for a coach trip that I organised to a fabulous yarn event called Wonderwool Wales in April this year – it is heaven for knitters/crocheters/weavers and anyone who loves yarny things.  Have a look at their website here

Why design a pattern for a coach trip?  Well the journey was almost 3 hours each way, so I thought it would help while away the time on the coach, so it became a CAL (crochet-a-long) for the coach.  Of course not everyone can crochet so not everyone worked on it on the coach.  But I am pleased to say the first one was completed the very next day!

After I designed it I thought I should perhaps do more than just give it to the ladies on the coach trip – so in honour of the event I decided to put it for sale on Ravelry with the proceeds to go to the chosen charity of Wonderwool Wales – the Wales Air Ambulance.  Website:

Here’s another photo showing both the DK version and the 4 ply/fingering version: DSCF2760

The pattern is relatively easy to do, it is only 2 rows of pattern, is reversible, is easy to get into the rhythm of (it was designed for a coach trip so had to be relatively straightforward!) and, although written specifically for DK or 4 ply yarn, it can be made in any weight yarn, You can personalise it with an edging – fringe, frill, beads.  It is written in English and US crochet terms and is charted.

If you like it, please buy it – until 31st March next year, each sale makes £3 for Wales Air Ambulance.

Happy knitting and crocheting


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