The Hexagon Project 2014

You may recall that last year I published 7 interchangeable hexagon motifs called the Hexagon Project 2013.

As you know, I love hexagons and I have so many flying around in my head that I could not resist another project – so The Hexagon Project 2014 has just been launched.

This year I have designed 6 interchangeable hexagons, one will be published each month for 7 months (with a one month gap in the middle). They are also included in an ebook which includes ideas to inspire you on what to make with the hexagons – layouts for scarves, shawls and blankets. And the ebook includes half hexagons, for extra versatility.

Motif no 1 has just been published:

Motif no 1
Motif no 1

The ebook can be found here:
Until the end of March you can get a £4 discount on the price of the ebook using coupon code HAPPYHEXAGONS

Happy Hexagons
Happy Hexagons

There is a crochet-a-long (CAL) on my Ravely group. For The Hexagon Project 2013 there was quite an array of items made – blankets, cushions, napkin rings, shawls, scarves to mention a few. This year I am hoping for a wider range – so join in the fun and show me what you can make with happy hexagons

Happy crocheting xxx

10 thoughts on “The Hexagon Project 2014

      1. Rose


        I think your pastel baby blanket is great. Could you tell me what the “ice cream yarn” is? Also, is there a pattern?

        Thank you!

      2. Hi
        I’m a tad confused! What do you mean by the pastel baby blanket? This post isn’t about a baby blanket, so can you tell me where you have seen the pastel baby blanket?
        Thanks 🙂

      3. Hi
        Thanks. I keep details of most of the projects I make on my Ravelry projects page, and I did a search for this one and found it – here’s the link – it is 7 years ago since I made it and the 2 yarns I used are both discontinued I’m afraid, you’ll find details of the yarn on there. However, it gives a link to the square I used (which is a free pattern on Ravelry); judging by the photos I joined the squares as I went and added a simple shell border. As for possible yarn alternatives, I think Drops Muskat, a DK cotton, has some lovely pale ‘ice cream’ colours which would be similar – like Ice Blue, Light Yellow, Light Mint, Peach and Off White. I hope this helps.

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