Odds and Ends

I planned a quiet weekend, with time to work on a design that is proving tricky. But things don’t always go to plan, and I find that leaving a tricky problem at the back of my mind and getting on with other things is the best way to solve it. Somehow the little grey cells keep on working on it in the background.

So instead of devoting a weekend to this tricky problem, I devoted a few hours then set about finishing the Janie Crowfoot Mystery Blanket – at last it is done. I did tweak it a little, mainly because I didn’t like the large triangular holes in the middle, and to use up more of the yarn on the border. Here it is:

Janie Crowfoot Blanket
Janie Crowfoot Blanket

I still need to give it a final blocking, and then I need to decide where to display it.

I have yarn leftover from this project, in small quantities, and some beads. So today I spent an hour doing a few little crochet ‘doodles’. The end result – first the Leilani flower, which was a tester for the blanket and I decided not to make it until the blanket was finished.

Leilani Flower
Leilani Flower

Then a small trinket pot.

Beaded pot
Beaded pot

And finally I am working on a small textured and beaded bag/pouch, seen here with the pot.

Leftovers pouch
Leftovers pouch

I hope you have had a productive weekend.
Happy crocheting xx

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