Sunshine in the corner

I wanted to brighten up a corner and I decided there was no better way than with a little crochet.   However, I wanted something small not as big as a blanket or cushion.  After some thought I decided to try a mandala. I have never made a mandala before let alone designed one but it is only a large round motif and I have lost count of the number of motifs I have designed……..

So here is my bright sunshine mandala:

Sunshine Mandala
Sunshine Mandala

I enjoyed making it, which came as a surprise to me because I hadn’t even imagined that mandalas had a use, nor that I would design or like one!    But I did enjoy it, and now I am thinking about making another……….

Oh, and when I dropped it I discovered that yarnaddictcat also liked it – well, I’m not surprised really!


The pattern can be found here.

Happy crocheting  xxx





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