Support and accreditation

May is Love Knitting’s and Love Crochet’s first indie designer month!    What does this mean?  Well, first I should explain that LKC (I hope you don’t mind my abbreviation!) are online websites that sell gorgeous yarn and all the accompaniments that any yarn obsessed knitter or crocheter could want, including a wide range of  patterns by independent designers.

It is relatively new for LKC and indie designers to link up in this way, but from my short experience (ALL GOOD) I think it is beneficial for both.  LKC think so too, so they have made May their first indie designer month, and will be promoting indie designers and their designs for the whole month.

As part of this promotion, anyone who buys an indie designer pattern on LKC during May will receive a 10% discount on yarn bought at the same time.   I think that’s a great offer, especially if your yarn ‘habit’ means you can never spend a small amount of money!

Love them both!
Love them both!

You can find my designs here: Love Knitting and Love Crochet

This support for indie designers has made me feel good but also made me reflective.    Ok, I am an indie designer myself, so maybe I am somewhat biased.   But I see so many wonderful colourful blogs and facebook pages with beautifully-made items using indie designs – some of them blow my mind away!  In fact there are some extremely popular blogs that have tens of thousands of followers (and more) who post beautiful photos of items they have made.  Sometimes they give the designer credit and some give the designer excellent credit …..but not everyone does and not all the time.

So I would like to start an accreditation campaign – if you share a photo of something you have made on ANY social media then please always give the designer credit, after all that designer made it possible.

Am I being fair?

Please let me know what you think.

Happy knitting and crocheting xxxxx

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