Yesterday I posted this photo on facebook:

Mandala heaven

Mandala heaven

It is a selection of mandalas.  This is a new obsession for me.  But I didn’t realise just how many people are also obsessed or at least love mandalas; that is until I saw my facebook hits – they rocketed off the scale!

So I thought I should at least tell you more about the mandalas in the photo (and yes, test how far my blog hits go!).

In no particular order – there is the Sunshine Mandala which I published the pattern for a few weeks ago, the two I designed on my Knitaway holiday, one which was a bit of a test (or what I call a crochet doodle!) and a couple I designed very recently that will feature in a new workshop (design your own mandala).  You see I love designing these so much that I thought I should share how I do it 🙂

Happy crocheting xxx