So sorry…..

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog recently.   I didn’t mean to neglect it, I’ve just been a little busy doing some tech editing and a few commissions for some of my favourite magazines – all secret but all enjoyable.

Did I ever mention how I love tech editing?   Sometimes it is frustrating when designers do not follow the style guides of the magazines and I end up styling as well as editing, but most of the time it is very enjoyable.  I get to see some beautiful designs and make new acquaintances whilst querying the technicalities of the designs.  I find everything that is new is also very inspiring.

Also, I’ve been preparing for my ‘Magic of mandalas’ workshop next weekend – a 3 hour workshop on crochet mandalas; how to make them, the maths, tips and tricks and how to design your own!    Still a few places left…….

And this new mandala design (the second ‘born in Buxton’ design) will feature:

Mary's Mandala
Mary’s Mandala

And, as always, I have been busy making things – so here’s something I made last week as a present.


This is gorgeous bunting which I found on this blog.   A joy to make and very pretty.

What have you been up to these last few weeks?  Please share your crochet journeys 🙂

Happy crocheting xxx

4 thoughts on “So sorry…..

    1. It is a gorgeous design! Thank you for sharing it. By strange co-incidence it turned up in my facebook feed on the very day when I wanted to find some beautiful bunting! I love life’s co-incidences 🙂

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