Doodling mandalas….

As you know, I have a new addiction to mandalas.   And I may have mentioned that I am a constant crochet ‘doodler’, never far from my hook and yarn and playing with all sorts of designs all the time.   I have found that mandalas and doodling go very well together and this weekend I ‘doodled’ a new design.

Latest doodle
Latest doodle

It needs more work because it doesn’t fulfil all I need from a mandala.  So the next stage in the design process is to write the pattern as I made it, but adjusting where I think it needs improving.  And then I will make another one – using only the pattern.  A few people will be invited to test the pattern.   Eventually it will become a full fledged design and the pattern will become available.   For now it is just one of my latest favourite ‘doodles’.

Happy crocheting xx



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