……… a wonderful retreat in Wales, and I am still full of excitement and wonder from the one I attended last weekend.

The hosts were Brenda Dayne (of Cast-On podcast, amongst other fabulous achievements) and Caerthan Wrack (of Triskelion Yarn and Fibre), both of whom provided inspirational instruction during the weekend.

The location was Beggars Reach Hotel, which provided just the right combination of support for excited attendees – sleep, food, service and ambience were all perfect.

Many of my friends have asked what happens on these weekend woolly retreats and, whilst I am bursting to give them minute by minute details, I would not want to spoil the fun for anyone attending a similar retreat in future.  Instead I will share some photos of the weekend.

Learning the alchemy of Indigo Dyeing, and being totally mesmerised by the whole process, we turned a little corner of Pembrokeshire into lovely shades of blue.  From preparation of yarn and fabric (poised inelegantly ready for the dye bath):

To the preparation of the dye bath, using all this:

To produce this yellow vat:

Into which all that prepared yarn and fibre is bathed and, eventually, through the wonder of alchemy, turning into multiple shades of blue which were hung on the railings to dry:

Loving the rewards of yarn preparation and Japanese Shibori resist dyeing techniques:

Using Jamieson and Smiths yarns in ombre knitting techniques – so many colours to choose from:

Being tempted at the tiny perfect marketplace:

But most of all, enjoying the company of wonderful like-minded yarn addicts from across the world.

Thank you to everyone who attended, presented, sponsored and helped along the way.  It was brilliant and I can’t wait for the next Gwlana which will be at The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales next May, something different but which is destined to be just as great!

Happy knitting, crocheting and dyeing xxx

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