The Zodiac Year

If you’ve been following my Ravelry group you will know that I have been making the Zodiac blanket this year.  It was a year-long blanket club designed by Amanda Perkins.  Each month part of the design is released; this is my blanket in January:


I continued adding to the blanket each month until recently when Amanda released all final parts of the pattern, so that I could complete the blanket well before the year-end.  And here is the finished blanket (with apologies for the light, it is a dull wet day here today):


You can find all the signs of the zodiac in this blanket if you look carefully 🙂

I am particularly pleased with the border.  After weighing my yarn and doing a bit of swatching, I worked out that I had sufficient yarn left to do 4 rounds, one of double crochet and 3 of half trebles using the same colour sequence as the outer edge octagons, so it flows well.  Here’s my border:

The edge
The edge

This photo also shows the beauty of the crocheted octagons and squares.

If you want a zodiac of your own, then you can find the pattern here.  It is a lengthy project but is a work of art and will become an heirloom to love.

Happy crocheting xx

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