Winter Blanket CAL part 7

Your patience of the last week is now rewarded, here is number 7:
I love the concept of circles in squares, and there are many such designs available. For this blanket I wanted a circle that was not too big and not too small, it took a lot of swatching but I like the end result.  I made mine in 2 colours only, but this would look good if the circle were in 4 colours.  In fact, that is what I plan to do in the CAL blanket I am making along with you.

The pattern has been updated to include this new motif, and it runs to 14 pages including patterns, some charts and instructions on joining, together with the suggested layout.

Here are the other 6 motifs included so far:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

We’ve had the full granny, filet style, flowers joined into a square, flower on a mesh square, openwork and raised stitches.   Only one more motif to go, and that will be different again!

You can find the pattern here and join in the discussion here

Happy crocheting xx



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