Give me a push….

The newspaper didn’t arrive this morning, which threw my normal routine out. Early morning chores complete, tea and cereal on the table but no paper to read!   As soon as I polished off the cereal I went into my ‘yarn’ room to find something to occupy myself whilst drinking the tea.  The early morning light was shining on a basket that I haven’t touched for a long time.   So I pulled it down and put it on the breakfast table.


In it is a partially made ‘scrappy’ blanket. I started before I even thought of the Winter Blanket CAL, and it has languished unloved in the basket since then.

So I decided I must finish it, I even designed the border whilst drinking my tea. But there’s a lot of crocheting to do before I get to the border and I need a huge push to make me do it.  I realised the only way I will finish this quickly is if I share it with you, because I’ll feel so guilty once you know about it, I’ll just have to crack on with it!

Happy crocheting xxx

5 thoughts on “Give me a push….

  1. Jenny Lester

    Great minds think alike Valerie – I too noticed a project which has been languishing in a corner of my knitting bag for a while. A rather uninteresting (to knit) v neck pullover for ‘im indoors, needed to be split for the upper body and shoulders. So with spring approaching need to complete this soon to be ready the warmer weather!! So there it is I have now told the world so like you I have to complete this now. Especially as I purchased new yarn on Friday for a Virus shawl!!!

  2. There’s always lots of tails when you do motifs! I’m normally very good at sewing them in as I go, but I’ve been lazy on this one. However, I do like the effect I’m getting so I’ll tolerate the end sewing !!

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