The newspaper didn’t arrive this morning, which threw my normal routine out. Early morning chores complete, tea and cereal on the table but no paper to read!   As soon as I polished off the cereal I went into my ‘yarn’ room to find something to occupy myself whilst drinking the tea.  The early morning light was shining on a basket that I haven’t touched for a long time.   So I pulled it down and put it on the breakfast table.


In it is a partially made ‘scrappy’ blanket. I started before I even thought of the Winter Blanket CAL, and it has languished unloved in the basket since then.

So I decided I must finish it, I even designed the border whilst drinking my tea. But there’s a lot of crocheting to do before I get to the border and I need a huge push to make me do it.  I realised the only way I will finish this quickly is if I share it with you, because I’ll feel so guilty once you know about it, I’ll just have to crack on with it!

Happy crocheting xxx