Cheshire Fibre Festival – Save the Date

Recently I discovered a facebook group called North West Fibre Arts Trail, which is helping promote fibre artists from the North West of England and encouraging them to hold open days and events during the fortnight of the trail.    When I saw this it immediately struck a chord.   There are so many small independent fibre artists, most of whom do not attend the regular large fibre festivals because they are, well, small.  So the opportunity to be part of a Fibre Arts Trail is very attractive and should give those fibre artists access to a wide range of fellow fibre lovers.

nwfat photo

The inaugural North West Fibre Arts Trail runs from 30th September to 14th October this year.

I pondered for a while as to how I could hold an open day.  I  hold regular workshops in a local community centre and wondered if I could hold an open day there, but maybe I’d need a larger area.  I investigated other local venues and chanced upon a lovely village hall, very modern and well equipped and with excellent parking……but it was just too big for me.   That was the point I had a lightbulb moment – how about collaborating with other fibre artists in the area for a joint open day/event?   Without thinking much more about the practicalities I jumped straight in and contacted my friend Nic who owns Yarns from the Plain, we’re already collaborating on other things and she thinks very much like me (at least I think so – she has a good business brain and a huge dollop of common sense!).   Funnily enough she had been having almost identical thoughts!   So within a few short weeks we find we have launched the first Cheshire Fibre Festival, we’ve invited a few more fibre artists to join us, all with complementary arts within the fibre world.

The date of the Cheshire Fibre Festival is Saturday 1st October 2016.

The venue is Marthall Village Hall in Marthall, Cheshire.

You can find a new page here, which I’ll update with details of all the plans as they emerge.

It’s rather exciting, if a little terrifying!

Happy crocheting xx


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