Joining a CAL

Somehow, maybe accidentally or maybe not, I have acquired a habit of running a CAL or two or three over the winter months.  This last season it was Spring Blossom Blanket, Christmas Mandala and Advent.  However, I rarely join in other CALS……….unless something grabs me…. like Hygge.   Why did it grab me?  Afterall when you look at it, what you see is lots of double crochet, lots of cross stitch on double crochet, a few bobbles and some spike stitch (sorry, did I confuse you?).

It grabbed me because of its simplicity: it looks like it should be complicated (maybe it is, but not to me), I knew it would be easy to do yet would look gorgeous.  And then the colour……oh heck, I love blues and they had a fantabulous blue colourway called Danish Mermaid.  Even though I know my cross stitch isn’t perfect, I knew that the ‘folk style’ would work brilliantly (it doesn’t need to be perfect!).  And I am so happy I joined it.  My Hygge makes me smile.  Here it is after week 9:


It even passes the Poppet inspection!

Fancy joining me?  Then check out your local stockists.  To me this means Magnolia Tree Crafts.

Happy crocheting xxx


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