My crochet hook is steaming at the moment!  I’ve been hooking away on all sorts of projects.  But they are all secret designs, so I can’t share them with you yet.

A few are for Cheshire Fibre Festival 2017 workshops, and I plan to reveal more on that at the beginning of May.

Several  are for a new project which I’m keeping quiet about for a while yet.

And one, or rather three, are for the next monthly Cheshire Crochet Club. A couple of months ago the topic was crochet shawls from the point upwards, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There were even a couple of shawls ready for show and tell at last Crochet Club!

So I promised that the next topic will also be crochet shawls, and this time sideways.  I have been working on 3 variations of the same design for Crochet Club.  And the design will become a pattern very soon after. Would you like a peek?


This is Kitty, a shawl design in one or two colours that is worked sideways.  The design work is finished and the pattern partly written.   I’m looking forward to sharing it at next Crochet Club, and then I’ll release it for you all to enjoy 🙂

Happy crocheting xx





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