Spring Blossom

It is now nearing the end of spring, so probably the right time to share photos of some of the projects from the Spring Blossom Blanket CAL.

There were so many people from across the globe who joined this CAL, and I suspect there are still some Spring Blossom blankets in WIP piles!  (I confess now – I still have a few blankets of various sorts in my WIPs!)

This is my completed blanket, it now lives on the spare bed and does get the occasional visit from a four legged friend!

These are some of the blankets that were shared on Ravelry:

Shades of blue by ‘Crobbles’ and ‘ Beechy61’.  They may be shades of blue but they demonstrate that even similar colour schemes produce different blankets.  And that is what I love about CALs – the same design can look amazingly different depending on colour choice.

And here are 2 more:

These are by ‘justmagicmaria1’ and ‘bluesocks’.   Aren’t they fabulous?

A huge thank you to these fellow crocheters for letting me share these photos.  And to all those who joined in the CAL.

The blanket pattern can be found here.  It isn’t too late to join in!

Here’s to the next CAL 🙂

Happy crocheting xxxx

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