Are you ready?

Are you ready for the Blanket CAL?

The first motif in the Honeycomb Web Blanket CAL will be published on Saturday 1st February, that’s less than 2 days away.  The introduction to the pattern, which includes details of yarn needed, is available now on Ravelry.  So if you haven’t already got your yarn and hook ready you have a little time to hot foot it to your LYS!

DSC03890 (2)

Don’t forget, if you haven’t purchased the pattern yet, the early bird discount of 50% expires at midnight GMT on 31st January – use coupon code EARLY on checkout from Ravelry to obtain the discount.

See you on Saturday (at around noon UK time).

Happy crocheting xxx


2 thoughts on “Are you ready?

    1. Hi Janet. This is a mystery CAL, so the full detail of each motif is not released until each hexagon (there are 5 hexagons and 1 half hexagon) is published. The photos shown already show the gentle texture and the stitches – but for information the sts use are all the normal sts (such as dc, htr, tr) and some front and back post st and some sts worked together (eg htr3tog). I hope this helps.

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