International Crochet Month – Week 2

I hope you are enjoying International Crochet Month, there are plenty of websites and designers sharing great things during this month.  Just do a search on Ravelry or  Facebook and you’ll find lots to keep you occupied!

Meanwhile I guess you’re here because you want to see what the next design is that I am publishing to celebrate this month!   So here it is – Boxie Shawl:


This is a warm triangular shawl worked from the back of the neck downwards.  I used almost 2 skeins of 4ply/fingering weight yarn (I recommend at least 700m of yarn).  The pattern is written in UK and US crochet terms and has a couple of charts (for those who like them!). The pattern is available on Ravelry at £4, but if you are quick there is a massive 75% discount available until midnight GMT on Monday 9th March – use coupon code MARCHTWO on checkout.

Happy crocheting xxx

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