2020 Blanket CAL – Finale!

I can’t believe this is week 7 and the last part of the Honeycomb Blanket CAL pattern has been added to Ravelry.   The time has flown by for me.

This finale is the edging of the blanket:

I wanted something simple that included all the colours and also a little bit of texture to reflect the web in the motifs; and it frames the honeycomb web just as I imagined.

There are nine rounds in the border, so quite a lot of work but I found it quite rhythmic so I hope you enjoy it.

I know there will not be many people who are close to finishing the blanket as there are so many motifs as well as the border but I can’t wait to see some finished blankets!  Who will be first?

Keep sharing progress on Facebook and Ravelry.

Happy crocheting xxx

PS tomorrow I will publish the third design to celebrate International Crochet Month – so watch out for the blog post!

One thought on “2020 Blanket CAL – Finale!

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