More summer makes

During this month (July 2020) Drops has a cotton sale, a generous 40% off cotton and cotton blend yarns until the end of the month.   Despite my large stash and my aim to control it better I do give in to temptation from time to time and I have often been tempted to try Drops Bomull-Lin, a linen and cotton blend yarn.  Well it’s a cotton blend so it’s in the sale!  You’ve guessed – I bought some, rather a lot actually, with a view to making practical gifts.  But what to make?

The best thing was to start something straightforward and see how I liked the feel of the yarn.  So I decided on a tea towel and before long these dropped off my hook:


The tea towel is perfect for drying glassware as the cotton has absorbency and the linen is good with glass.  I had plenty of the brown left so added a simple glass polishing cloth.

These use only chain and double crochet (for US that is single crochet), have an easily memorised pattern and make up quickly.   The pattern is written and available on Ravelry here, but use coupon code SUMMERLINEN and you will get it free, valid until end of July (midnight GMT).

There are so many other practical uses for cotton and linen in homeware (this yarn would be good in summer garments as well) and now is the perfect time to use it during the warm weather in the Northern Hemisphere.  My thoughts will turn to warmer items in a few months and I have a couple of scarves languishing on the hook waiting for the opportunity.  Meanwhile I have a large quantity of linen/cotton yarn in my stash and plenty of summer hooking ideas!

Happy summer crocheting xxx

PS If you are struggling to find the yarn try Purple Sheep Yarns or Woolwarehouse, both based in the UK, I’ve bought Drops from them before and they usually have a good stock.   (And no – I’ve not been sponsored by them or paid to mention them!)


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