Granny Square Day

Granny Square Day is on Saturday 15th August this year.  I have designed 2 new squares very recently, based on Noughts  and  Crosses.  In fact when I designed Noughts and Crosses I had these 2 other ones in mind (and a few more) but never finalised their design.   Like Noughts and Crosses they will be free.  As Granny Square Day is very close, I decided that would be a perfect time to publish them.  So look out for a bog post on 15th August.

Meanwhile I thought I’d share an old CAL I did in 2015 using traditional granny squares – the Spring Lifter Bag.  This was a free CAL on my blog in 3 parts – start reading here.  If you prefer the easier to read pattern there is a paid version on Ravelry here.

Zingy spring lifter

Will you make a Spring Lifter for Granny Square Day?  If you do please share your progress.

Happy crocheting xxx

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