CALs ahead

September is here already and my mind has turned to the CAL season. For anyone who doesn’t know what a CAL is – it is a crochet-a-long.

In the last few years I have run 3 regular CALs – an Advent CAL, a Twixmas mandala CAL and a Blanket CAL.

The Advent CAL is in design already. There will be 4 to 6 small patterns, each perfect for gifts. Last year I started it before Advent, so it was a pre-Advent CAL!

The Twixmas mandala is also in design. This will run from 26th to 31st December. Something colourful to brighten up our days under the dull skies in the northern hemisphere!

I have been pondering the Blanket CAL. I normally run this in February/March. These are the last ones:

These blanket patterns are now all available on Ravelry. The 5 above are Honeycomb Web, Down Memory Lane, Wrapped in Memories, Winter Blanket CAL 2015 and Spring Blossom.

I have started to design a blanket motif for 2021, which is octagonal, but I have far too many blankets and I think that maybe I could do a wrap CAL next spring instead. I have in my head 3 octagonal motifs and a joining motif, and even a border. This wrap would be beautiful in a light yarn such as 4ply/fingering/sock. There would be less work than in a blanket as a wrap will be smaller, despite the lighter yarn and smaller hook. The motifs would be suitable for a blanket as well, and I could do a small lap blanket to demonstrate this in a heavier yarn.

So what do you think? Blanket or Wrap or both? If you have any preferences or views please comment here, on facebook or on Ravelry.

Happy crocheting xx

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