CAL planning

In my last post I told you of my seasonal CAL plans. This one is an update.

The pre-Advent CAL items are designed and the samples well progressed, there will be 4 or 5 items in this CAL and it will run from early November.

The Twixmas Mandala CAL is complete and ready for testing. Phew that was speedy for me!

After much deliberation the 2021 CAL is decided. It will use octagonal motifs and will be available as a scarf/wrap and as a blanket.

The designing is complete and yarn estimated. The blanket version will be a lap blanket around 1.2m square (that’s about 4ft square) using chunky yarn. I’ve chosen Stylecraft Special Chunky and just ordered plenty from Black Sheep Wools, my sample will be in shades of blue and green (yes, my favourite!) but I ordered more colours than I need so I can play with them 🙂

The scarf/wrap will be about 35cm wide by 170cm long and will be in 4ply yarn. I’m using yarn from my stash for this but will also provide estimates and colours of alternative yarns.

All I have to do now is start writing patterns, finish some samples and make the 2021 CAL samples. I’ll be busy for a while!

Happy crocheting xxxx

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