Twixmas Mandala CAL Finale!

Wow! This Twixmas has flown. I hope the CAL has kept you occupied and brought some colour into your Twixmas. The last part has now been added to the pattern and purchasers will have had a message from Ravelry notifying them.

Here is the spoiler from Part 5 yesterday

Would you like to see the final mandala? As it is the last day I think I am allowed a final spoiler!

These 2 are so different because of the different colour schemes, which just demonstrates what I love about mandalas 🙂

The pattern can be found here.

I hope you have enjoyed this CAL, there will be another starting at the end of January – my annual blanket CAL which is also a wrap CAL this year! More about that in a few days.

Happy crocheting xxx

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