Goodbye 2020

I can’t say I am sorry that 2020 is ending, it has been a difficult year around the world. However, there were some good things that emerged during the year and one was the reconnection with crafts, many more people have enjoyed the process of making.

When I look at my designs of 2020 I can’t say it was my most productive year, but this was because I took more pleasure in following other people’s designs, enjoying the ebb and flow of following something rather than developing something. Even so what I did publish in 2020 included some of my all time my favourites from simple coasters to my favourite blanket so far, Honeycomb Web. It also demonstrated that I love the colour blue!

All these designs will not be possible without an army of testers and some great tech editors and I thank them all for their support. And thank you to everyone who has supported me by purchasing, downloading and sharing their progress.

2021 will be just as challenging as 2020 for most of us but I can see light at the end of the tunnel so I am starting the year with plenty of positive thoughts.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever you plan for 2021 I wish you the best and happiest new year.

Happy crocheting xxx

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