Coming soon.. the 2021 CAL

My New Year has started with the crisp white of snow and this is perfect weather for blanket making, wrapped up snuggly at home surrounded by wool which grows and adds warmth to your lap!   It’s not surprising that there are so many blanket CALs starting around now as it is the blanket season here in the northern hemisphere.  As usual I have planned a blanket CAL but this year is a little different because the motifs I designed can be made into a wrap or a blanket.  Let’s be honest, if you love motifs then you will know that they can be joined together to make just about anything – from a coaster to a blanket or garment.  In a way it makes sense to design a joint project; maybe if you are in the southern hemisphere you would prefer a wrap or maybe you have far too many blankets and the thought of a wrap is quite appealing?

Whichever you prefer I have designed both and the CAL will run these side by side.   The main motifs are octagonal and they are almost identical in the wrap and blanket, there is also a filler motif and a border, the border being different for wrap or blanket.

More details will be available in a few days when I publish the introductions to the patterns, which will include the yarn, the stitches, the layout and a few tips.  You will have to choose between wrap and blanket as the patterns are different, but the patterns will be at a discount until the CAL starts which is planned for Saturday 30th January.

Meanwhile I think it only fair to share a sneak peek:

The blanket is lap sized and made in chunky yarn so it makes up really quickly (although you could make it bigger if you like), the wrap is made in 4 ply yarn and is more delicate.

Happy crocheting xxx

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