Keep your eyes on the blog this weekend as I plan to publish the introduction to the blanket CAL within 48 hours!  As usual, the pattern will be at a deep discount before the CAL starts (on 1st February) – in fact very deep for 48 hours, then not quite as deep until the start.


Happy crocheting xxx

Coming soon…….

Information on the 2020 Blanket CAL will be available soon.  It is made of hexagons and has gentle texture.  The pattern will be released in 7 parts, weekly from 1st February.

Details will be available soon when the pattern introduction is published, as usual this will be at a discount for a short period of time.

Meanwhile a reminder of the colours of yarn I used



And a sneak peek


The CAL will be hosted on Ravelry and Facebook

Happy crocheting xxx

Goodbye 2019

2019 was a relaxing year for me, I decided to slow down on designing and catch up on some of my own making (and use my stash as much as possible).  This is reflected in my published designs – fewer than recent years but all a joy to me.  Here’s a snapshot of my key designs in 2019:


There are a number of designs on my hook still, including 2 shawls and my CAL blanket (due for February release); and a few in the pipeline that will be released from March.  However, 2020 will be another year when I carry on making for myself (and friends and family) and reducing my stash – my aim last year was to get down to 80 skeins but I missed that target by 1 skein.  This year I aim to get down to 50 skeins by the end of 2020 – wish me luck!

I hope you have enjoyed a great year of making in 2019, and I wish you all happiness and good health in 2020.

Happy crocheting  xxx

Twixmas Mandala CAL – Part 6 – the finale!


Part 6, the final part, of the CAL has been uploaded to the pattern on Ravelry.  This has been an exciting time for me, checking in regularly to see progress, helping a few with their crochet techniques but most of all enjoying the brightness that mandalas bring to grey days of winter.  I hope you have enjoyed this CAL as much as me.

Here are the final 2 photos, Part 5 from yesterday:


And the full reveal:


This isn’t the end of CALs, my next one will start in February and is a blanket CAL.   It is made of hexagons with a gentle texture and they are a relaxing rhythmic make.  More details will follow soon, meanwhile here’s a reminder of the colours I chose for the blanket:


Happy crocheting xxx

Twixmas Mandala CAL – Part 1


Part 1 of the CAL is now live.  This has been added to the Ravelry pattern and if you  purchased it you should have received an email giving you a link to the new pattern.

There are 3 rounds to this part, and I used 3 different colours for mine.  I won’t reveal the completed part here until tomorrow, so as not to spoil the fun!

Share your progress on Ravelry.

Happy crocheting xxx



Twixmas Mandala CAL


This year my seasonal CAL is called Twixmas Mandala 2019.  The CAL starts on 26th December when I release the first 3 rounds of the mandala pattern, then each day up to New Year’s Eve I will add a new part with the next 2 or 3 rounds.  So on New Year’s Eve the mandala will be complete.

The introduction to the pattern is here, parts will be added to this as they are released.  It is on sale until midnight GMT  on 24th December at 75% off, no coupon code required.

The CAL is for fun, a few bright rows of crochet each day during the holidays.  The best fun is choosing your colours!   The pattern includes the colours of yarn that I chose but that is a guide, the beauty of mandalas is how they can look completely different in other colours.

Join in the CAL on Ravelry.

Happy crocheting xx