Christmas CAL final part – THE BIG REVEAL!

Happy New Year!  I hope you celebrated the turn of the old year in suitable style.

Today is the big reveal!

First I will explain my edging.  I wanted something simple.  In fact when I had joined my motifs I liked the look of the blanket so much that I almost didn’t do an edging.  But not doing an edging is a crochet sin!  All blankets need something firm along the edge to hold the whole shape.

I experimented with several ideas and settled for the simplest.  I expect you think I did a double crochet edging, this is simple isn’t it?  Well I didn’t.  The simplest edging is slip stitch, and I did 2 rounds of slip stitch.

To maintain the same effect that I achieved with the joining of the motifs, the slip stitch edging was done into the back loop only.  This leaves the front loop of each motif to ‘frame’ the motif.  So the first edging round was done into the back loop of every stitch along the sides (that works out at 25 per motif edge).

Edging first round
Edging first round

Once you have completed the first round you will find the blanket has a nice firm edge.  Actually I think this simple round give a good finish, but I wanted a little more.

The second round went into the back loop of the first round.  When the second round is complete you’ll see that only the front loop of the first round is showing.  So choose your colours carefully as the second round is the predominant colour.

Edging second round
Edging second round

I didn’t do any extra stitches in the corners, I don’t think it necessary when it is just 2 rounds of slip stitch.  And it creates a gentle curve at the corner.

Edging corner
Edging corner


Nicely edged
Nicely edged

And this is the final blanket in it’s glory, being inspected by @yarnaddictcat :

@yarnaddictcat inspection
@yarnaddictcat inspection

No little embellishment have been added (yet!).

If you look very closely you may notice that I didn’t quite follow the layout plan.  The colours are the same but the motifs are slightly off plan.  This is because, as I mentioned in part 4, I was running out of some colours so adjusted the order of motifs I made a little bit.

Now I’ve shown you mine – please show me yours!

Happy crocheting xxxx


Now for the legal stuff – I designed this, it’s all my own work and is copyright. Please feel free to make as many as you like, but not for commercial purposes, and please credit me with the design. Thank you!


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