Winter Blanket CAL part 4

Here’s motif number 4:

Motif no 4
Motif no 4

I call this ‘Openwork’ and it is quick to hook up.  Only 4 of these are needed in the design so, after a mammoth 9 motifs of motif no 3, it should be a welcome relief to complete this week!   And if you are following the exact design, then once these 4 are complete you will have done 25 out of 49 motifs – so roughly halfway 🙂

The pattern has been updated to include this motif and the locations in the blanket, it also includes a chart for motif 4 (for those who prefer charts).

If you want to join in the CAL you can find the pattern here and the Ravelry discussion thread here.

Happy crocheting xxx

2 thoughts on “Winter Blanket CAL part 4

    1. You should have received an email or message via Ravelry to say the pattern has been updated, which should include the direct link. If not, just log in to Ravelry and download it again from your library. You will find it has more pages which include the pattern for motif 4.

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