Winter Blanket CAL part 5

First an apology.  I didn’t show you my progress on motif no 4, so here it is:


For my CAL blanket I made all 4 of this motif in the teal colour, bringing a bit more depth to the colour scheme.   So I now have 25 completed motifs out of 49, just over half done!

What next?   Well here is motif no 5:


I call this ‘Flower and Mesh’ and there are 8 needed in the design.   With the colours of the sample, I had a great time mixing the flower colours on different backgrounds!  Maybe I’ll share a few photos of the completed sample next……..

Motif no 5 has been added to the CAL pattern, which now runs to 11 pages.  You can find it here and you can discuss your progress and ask questions here.

Happy crocheting xxx


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