Hooking Up! feature no 4

The next design in the Hooking Up! ebook is a baby or lap blanket.

Granny Blue Lap Blanket
Granny Blue Lap Blanket

Again this design is exclusive to the ebook.  I love this blanket, it was a joy to make and it is a perfect size for the chair, and is an ideal size for a baby!

It is included because it teaches some important techniques.  The first is how to join motifs as you go (rather than crochet them together or sew them together later); this is a technique which is used in many motif projects.  To help you there are a few photos showing the technique.

The second technique is how to do a ‘granny’ border that lies flat.  Too often I see granny blankets with a ‘granny’ edging that looks wavy rather than flat and it is very easy to avoid this if you know how.

Finally it has a nice final edging which is firm and very practical.

If you haven’t made a granny blanket before then this is a good one to try, provided you want to learn a few new techniques.


Happy crocheting xxx

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