Hooking Up! feature no 5

This is the fifth design in the Hooking Up! ebook.

It is included in the book by special permission of the designer Amanda Perkins.  You can read all about Amanda on her blog, she creates the most beautiful crochet designs and has a brilliant eye for colour.  I am proud to call her my friend and I am probably one of her biggest fans!

This design is the Cassia Cowl.


The photograph is the cowl I made for the ebook.  I used a different yarn to the one Amanda used originally, to show that it is adaptable and because I wanted to!  It is made with motifs that are joined as you go.  If you have followed the ebook through you will understand how to join as you go by the time you reach this pattern.   I love working with motifs, especially those that are hexagonal (six-sided or six-pointed) and this one is straightforward to make yet looks so beautiful.

This is a Mobius Cowl, so it needs careful attention when joining into the cowl shape.  The ebook provides detailed instructions of 2 ways in which you can do this.

This is not exclusive to the ebook, you can buy Amanda’s individual pattern here.

Tomorrow I will share the last design in the ebook, another by Amanda Perkins.

Happy crocheting xxx



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